Barnea - Ultra Premium EVOO - Robust Intensity

$ 16.00

Barnea                                                                                       Taste Panel Assessment 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil     Robust Intensity                                  FRUITINESS       5.0/10

Country of Origin: Australia                                                        BITTERNESS       3.5/10

Crush Date: May 2019                                                                PUNGENCY        3.5/10


This stunning example of a Barnea showcases striking notes of fennel and green apple with a clean, peppery finish. An exotic variety, it is a magnificently complex oil

 Biophenols: 357.7ppm      FFA:  0.28           Oleic Acid: 73.6                 Peroxide: 5.3

 Squalene: 475.9ppm          *PPP: <0.20       A-Tocopherols:176.3ppm   DAGs: 97.5

                                          *As measured at the time of crush

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