California Manzanillo Medium/Robust Ultra Premium EVOO

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California Manzanillo

 Country of Origin: USA     Med/Robust Intensity

Crush Date: November 2018


This is a beautiful example of a California Manzanillo.  Well balanced with some desirable bitterness and lingering pungency, it displays prominent notes of green almond, middle notes of creamy artichoke, and savory vegetal notes on the back end.

 Taste Panel Assessment : FRUITINESS   5.5/10

                                           BITTERNESS  4.3/10

                                           PUNGENCY    4.8/10

 *Biophenols: 439.3ppm    FFA:  0.20   Oleic Acid: 72.2     Peroxide: 6.4

                                          DAGs: 97.2        *PPP: <1.0

             *As measured at the time of crush

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