Trio Blood Orange Olive Oil with Coconut White Balsamic and Pomagranate Quince White Balsamic

$ 20.00

Our Blood Orange Agrumato is a full orange effect!  Not just sweet, experience the zest as you exhale.  A wonderful oil easily incorporated in baking.  Season your pan for a delightful touch on your pancakes or french toast.   Beyond baking this is a fun oil to play with.  Saute and stirfry veggies, chicken,!

 Coconut White Balsamic is it!  It is not sweet like packaged coconut would give, it is well balanced.  Add some to your sparkling water!  Finish off those stir fried veggies with a splash, outstanding!

Together...a perfect combination to enjoy on a leafy green salad.  You get a tropical and fruit combination, or aim it towards a more Thai esque experience.

Pomagranate Quince White Balsamic, aka owner's favorite, is an crisp fruity...sweet but no actually crisp bounty of flavor.  Add to sparking water, a stand alone on salad (roasted pecans too).  Combined with Blood Orange Olive Oil this a fabulous vinaigrette.   

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