Manzanillo Ultra Premium EVOO - Medium Intensity

$ 6.00

Manzanillo Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taste Panel Assessment:    FRUITINESS   5.0/10

    Medium Intensity             BITTERNESS  3.0/10

                                             PUNGENCY    3.3/10 

Country of Origin: Australia    Crush Date: May 2019


This Manzanillo has dominant characteristics of green almond in the middle, a floral nose and a splendid pink peppercorn finish!

 *Biophenols: 331.5 ppm      FFA:  0.20     Oleic Acid: 74.9      Peroxide: 3.8

  Squalene: 11,438.8ppm     *PPP: <1.0     A-Tocopherols:116.8ppm    DAGs: 98.0                     

                        *As measured at the time of crush

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