Pairing Basil Olive Oil and Fig Dark Balsamic

$ 14.00

Basil Olive Oil the equivalency of giving your home a hug everytime you cook with it...the fragrance is well... a hug!  Use this oil with your pasta, chicken, pork, veggies.  Wonderfully complimentary oil.    

Fig Dark Balsamic has a great flavor, reminisant of traditional with that fig finish.  A desirable thickness has you salivating with every drizzle.  Marinade pork tenderloin, dress your  chunky tomato salad.  Drizzle on a cheese plate. 

Together these are wonderful with any variety of caprese!  Drizzle away.  Owners favorite for bread dipping, break out the bread!  Great for cooking pork recipes.

For gifting this is a nice classic pairing that is very popular.

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