Alderwood smoked salt

$ 8.00

This is an amazing smoked salt!  The powerful flavor is just perfect.  Just taking the cap of the jar will get your mouth watering. The bark-free, red alder species achieves a flavor balance between sweet and smoky without the risk of bitterness. With no additives, artificial flavors, or anti-caking agents, it’s ideal for the clean label conscious. This variety is an impactful all-natural, authentic alternative to artificial smoked options. . Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is ideal for inclusion in sauces and condiments, for topping snack foods and adding natural smoke flavor to spice blends and rubs.  We prefer finish application to get the most of of this flavor packed salt.  

Medium Grain:  Perfectly sized for spice blends & rubs, especially those targeted towards grilling & roasting use. This size also works well in topical applications on products from granola bars to chocolates.

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