Kosher Flake Sea Salt

$ 8.00

Pacific Blue ® Kosher Flake Sea Salt is an all-natural kosher flake sea salt, expertly produced from the crisp, clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. Delivering all of the beneficial nutrients of unrefined sea salt, Pacific Blue also captures the treasured kosher flake texture. The crystals are shaped like small, hollow pyramids, as in the tradition of this fundamental salt style. Unlike other kosher salts on the market, SaltWorks ® proprietary quality & production processes guarantee that Pacific Blue is never refined, retaining its natural trace minerals, with zero additives or chemical processing. It's all natural, organic compliant, and allergen free. The fine, feather-like flakes lend themselves perfectly to everyday commercial kitchen use for finishing, baking and cooking. Pacific Blue is also naturally lighter by volume than traditional sea salt, melts quickly, and blends well with other dry ingredients, making it an ideal choice for seasoning blends, food processing or in products such as soups & sauces. A clean label ingredient, the tiny flakes also work well for snack food applications, especially for chips and nuts.

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