Picual - Ultra Premium EVOO - Mild Intensity

$ 17.50

 Mild Intensity                                                                          Taste Panel Assessment 
 Country of Origin: Australia                                                                  FRUITINESS   5..5/10
 Crush Date: May 2023                                                                           BITTERNESS   3.0/10
                                                                                                                 PUNGENCY    3.5/10 

This incredibly fruity example of Picual has a sweet nose and displays notes of stone fruit and tomato leaf. Very high in healthy MUFA (Oleic). Excellent overall chemical composition which translates into shelf life, durability and health benefits.  A note from the master Miller, and world renowned agronomist on this remarkable oil:

”The fruit was really well developed this year with a very large flesh to pit ratio, giving a lot of fruity/sweeter notes even while green. Oil content was low but fruit weight was huge so they sort of compensated each other, but set a tone for the oil characters of 2022”.

  Biophenols:186.3ppm    FFA:  0.17       Oleic Acid: 75.5              Peroxide: 4.7

  DAGs: 94.5                    *PPP: <1.0       A-Tocopherols: 329     Squalene:8230.1

                                     *As measured at the time of crush

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