Apricot Balsamic chicken pasta with olives April 26 2020, 0 Comments

                        Apricot balsamic chicken pasta with olives

      Flavorful chicken meal in one, sweet apricot complimented with olives!


8 oz. of Pappardelle’s brand linguini (1/2 package) Lemon Garlic, Lemon       
             Pepper, Black pepper, all are good choices
4-6 chicken thighs bone-in and with skin preferred      
1 T. Herbs de Provence olive oil  (I tend to be more liberal than that with it)   
1 t.  salt (or to taste)
Medium onion thinly sliced.  (1-2 cups as you prefer)                                  
¾ Cup sliced red pepper (again adjust to your preference)
2 t. minced garlic                                                                                                       
¼ Cup Apricot white balsamic
1  Cup chicken broth
½ t lemon zest
¼ t pepper
15 or so Orange stuffed manzanilla olives                                                       
1 T Cornstarch mixed with 1 T water
Pat chicken dry and salt evenly on both sides.  Room temperature is best for even cooking.
Boil water and cook pasta following directions on the package.  Al dente is best, as it will cook a bit in the final step. 
Heat Herbs de Provence olive oil in skillet til fragrant. A good skillet for even temperature is important.
Place chicken in the pan skin side down, it should sizzle.  Let the chicken brown, don’t move it – for 10-12 min.
Flip the chicken and let brown on this side for about 5 minutes. Remove the chicken to a plate.
You should have about a tablespoon of oil, add if needed, drain if needed.  Leave the flavorful bits in the pan for sure!
Add your onions and red pepper to the pan and cooking on low temperature, let them get yummy.  Keep an eye, and stir them. Let them mingle flavor and begin to caramelize after about 15 minutes add your garlic, and finish caramelizing. Remove to a plate.
Add apricot balsamic and a ¼ C of the chicken stock to the pan.  Let in simmer at medium heat, and reduce, scraping up the flavorful bits as you stir.  After about two minutes, add the rest of the chicken stock to your pan.  Simmer on medium, adding your pepper and lemon zest.  Adding the chicken back to the pan, skin side up to keep a crisp texture.  Simmer for about 6 minutes.  Now add your olives and simmer for another 6 minutes.  Remove chicken on more time. 
Combine your 1 T. of cornstarch with 1 T water, stir til dissolved.   Add the this to your sauce and simmer to thicken for minute or two.
Add your drained pasta to the pot and stir to evenly combine the veggies and olives.  Return chicken on top of pasta, and serve.   Serves 4.